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A Man's Character: Does it Matter?

Note: This article first appeared on July 16, 2008


Merriam- Webster.com defines character as:

the complex of mental and ethical traits marking and often individualizing a person, group, or nation ;

moral excellence and firmness;

conduct that conforms to an accepted standard of right and wrong


In today's society a person's behavior, no matter how odd, eccentric, or immoral, is generally accepted under the premise of "judge not lest you yourself be judged" or "each to their own". We have arrived at a point in time where the relevance and importance of moral excellence via our biblically guided ideals of right and wrong are considered politically incorrect and detrimental to one's career.


When we look to Washington D.C. and our elected representatives we see this practice every election cycle. Those who seek election (or reelection) head out on the campaign trail to convince us that they are the best candidate for the job. They stretch the truth about themselves in TV and radio ads. They carefully excerpt opponents statements from speeches and interviews so that the quote is intentionally taken out of context to create a maximum negative effect for them. The incumbents are so consumed with getting reelected that necessary government business, i.e. voting on legislation, is devastatingly pushed aside for the fear of voting on it would lose their re-election, never mind that the bill is bad for the American people.


There are politicians campaigning now that have such an absence of character that they change their positions about our Constitution, the right to life, the 2nd amendment, the Iraq war, outlandish governmental spending and many other issues almost weekly. They are like ships at sea with the sails raised going wherever the wind

may blow. No particular direction in mind just going with the flow.


A man of character is the Captain of the ship with a destination plotted. He steadfastly remains on course with the rudder in the water. No matter how hard the winds blow or the sea swells his passengers have placed their trust with him to arrive at the promised destination.


The man of character keeps his promises. The man of character does not have two separate ethical beliefs, one for work and one for his home life. He does not give only his moral excellence for his family and immoral behavior at work. He stands firm in the same ideals knowing that whatever challenges arise at home or at

work he will serve all people with his best abilities.


Men who refuse to follow God's principals of right and wrong have plotted a course destined for failure.


A Man's Character?


It does matter.

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