On the Ballot: Virgil Goode

This November Iowans will have a true choice for President, Virgil Goode. A Constitutionalist with conservative values that sees the problems with big government and the harm it is doing to our nation and our Fellow Citizens. Virgil is diligently working to get elected to get this country back on the right course that will free small business owners and taxpayers from an overbearing, corrupt government.

You can visit Virgil Goode's website here.

The success of the Constitution Party of Iowa's ballot access for Virgil Goode is to be directly attributed to Jeremy Rogers who jump started the petition drive that gave us the momentum needed to finish this historical task. We sincerely appreciate your efforts and accomplishments give the difficulties and challenges you had to overcome.

To Marvin Creech (State Chair) for coordinating the meetings, the petitioners, getting the campaign materials distributed and for the untold number of phone calls yo made to make it all come together.

To Randy Stufflebeam (National Vice-Chairman) and Gary Dunlap (Chairman, Central States) for volunteering their time to come to Iowa and help us get Virgil on the ballot.

And to the CPIowa members and a few of our fellow Iowa Citizens who gathered signatures in their precious spare time.

We thank you one and all!