The United States Constitution is the framework by which to preserve each individuals' right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The government has turned away from securing and maintaining the Freedoms for individuals to being an intrusive nanny state with a hands-on approach to all aspects of our livelihoods.


We seek to share our values and ideas to promote The Constitution Party of Iowa. Our values come from the Founding Fathers' documents that are the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights, but the cornerstone to the Constitution Party is the Bible.
The Declaration of Independence was created out of necessity to facilitate the release of the colonies from the grips of a tyrant. And after winning our Freedom, the Founding Fathers gathered to create a set of rules and laws for what authority and limitations the government shall be bound to. A standard was used to create the Constitution. They used the most perfect standard known to man - God's Word.
In recent years God's standard has been substituted with relative truth, that truth is only what they believe it to be. We firmly believe in the First Amendment in which all people have the right to Freedom of Religion. It is not our purpose to evangelize people to Christianity. It is our goal to return the operation of the government to the original intent devised by our Founding Fathers who used God's Word "in order to form a more perfect union".
Like many organizations, we need members and funds to get our message to the people. Your financial donation will help us purchase necessary materials and your membership with The Constitution Party of Iowa will help to secure a better future for our children and grand children. Get started today by getting your membership or making a contribution.
Thank you.
Please note: contributions to political parties, such as the Constitution Party of Iowa, are not tax deductible.
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